This page is now devoted to the 2006 - 2010 era of free Nerdcore downloads. For recent releases either visit Nerdcore Now (US) or....
The Unheard Nerd (UK) This is the Place for Uk Nerdcore history
Emergency Pizza Party - The brand new album Shine Ave
MC Chris- Enter the world of the mcchris here
Beefy - Download the 2010 album 'Sprinkles' here
MC Hawking - Get a copy of the album A Brief History of Rhyme
MC Frontalot – Download 5 track Frontalot EP here
MC Lars – Download a selection of free music here
Schaffer the Darklord - Buy a copy of Manslaughterer
YT Cracker - Download the Dirty Nerdy album (Vol 1) here
Category - Download the full album UK Geek Core by the first rapper to bring Nerdcore to the UK
Professor Green - The closest to the big time so far. It's... The Green EP
B-Type - Download the Sneaks Demo over at Gamemusic4All here
Tetrastar - Download the 14 track covers LP Songs we didn't Write
Milk-Plus - Download the 5 track free EP from your UK host "Digging Out" here
Nik tha Geek- Download the follow up to NikBox360... VHS 4 Life
Superpowerless - Download the 8 track 2008 EP "City Attack" here
Banditt the Ill Achemist - Download Volume 1 - Badass Botany here
Dan Bull - Visit the central hub for all things DAN BULLwho has actually broken through
Chemist the Menace - Download the Hatcore Ambassador EP here
Beardyman - The amazinl human beatbox. Free Music and downloads for sale here
Young Fathers - Scotland's favourite Hip Hop trio bring you the Automatic EP
Dan le Sac -vs- Scroobious Pip - Grab 'The Logic of Chance' over at itunes
Funky Astronauts - Download the 8 track EP Beyond The Technodrome

Nursehella (Canada) Download a selection of Nursehella tracks here
Stevie Kincade (Australia) Download Six Slug Singles and the 6Slug Remix EP
TitanKvad (Norway) Check out a rare nercore European here
Torrentz (International) Grab the EP "Let's Get Bloody" from the Nerdcore Supergroup
TYT (Japan) Latest mySpace updates and tracks here
Video Game Orchestra (Greece) Download a whole selection of tracks by VGO here
Rai Kamishiro (Japan) Buy the album Electric Sheep by making a choice donation
The Ranger (Australia) Download The Cook Up by the Viking of Verse
Comeczechmi (Russia) The Rapping Russian... Buy 'The Cold War Continues'
Spandex Moose (Austraila) Check what's going on down under from this Geeky Duo
Molly Gruesome (Canada) Download her eponymous debut EP here
MC Stormtroopa (New Zealand) Download the latest over at Bandcamp
Fat Jon & Styrofoam (Belgium) Download the album 'The Same Channel'
Baba Brinkman (Canada) Download 'The Rap Guide to Evolution'

MC Router– Download 14 track MC Router compilation here
Whoremoans - More info on the stateside dread rapper" here
Kabuto the Python - Download the album Parceltongue here
Attack Slug - Download the Achievement Unlocked album
Bazuuka Joe - Download a Random Introduction Mixtape here
Fatback Supreme - Download the full "Anti You" Album here
NonSenZe (Aka Dork Genious) - Download the EP 'Game Dork Life in 8 Bit' on ITunes
8 Bit Boys - Download the 2008 album '8 bit Diagrams' here
Random - Half-teacher, half emcee, all hustle... Download Teacher Rapper Hero
Paddle Royale - Download Mattari's 2nd album 'Who Gave the Nerd a Microphone?'
Rocket Propelled Geeks - Download a selection of RPG singles here
Lords of the Rhymes - Download free mp3s and buy the DVD here
Ham-STAR - Download the 5 track EP of collaborations 'Ham-STAR & Friends'
Dr Gigglez - Download the festive release 'Another Fucked up Christmas'
Rappy McRapperson - Download the full album 'For the Kidz"
Navi - Download Grayscale - 45 Minutes of Navi's strange brew of Hip Hop
Ecomog - Download the collaboration with Ratatat Classics Revisited
My Parents Favourite Music Buy the album Testing the water
D-Form - Created in just 7 days... download the album 'Good Question' here
Id Obelious - The whole discography of Id Obelious is available here

HD Ninja- Two quality EPs. Download the Killer Particles EP & Deadly Specs

Zilla Persona - The debut album "You Wouldn't Think" is available here

Geek Squad - The Miami based Supergroup bring you 'Alternative Thinking'

Bus Driver - Download the album 'Jhelli Beam' over at itunes

3p!c 1 – Download the EP Black Friday by from the US metophorical genius
Zealous 1 – Download the full Zealous 1 album Collaboc1de here
Benjamin Bear – Download the Ben Bear Alternative/Indie Necessities album here
Fatty Goodness – Download Fatty Goodness Sucks Vol.1 and Vol.2
MC Topher – Download the Split Personality Album here
MC Wreckshin– Download the first EP and the Nerdcore Villain on Wreckshin's myspace
Da Silky Slimz – Download the original Hatcore collection here
Mad Hatter– Download the 8 Bit Bullshit Album from Scrub Club Records
GOSHone - Download the superbly titled "CTRL ALT EGO"l
Heightened Titans – Download the 18 track eponymous album here
Karmageddon - Download the 22 track album Game Over
Metamystiks - Download the 8 track EP Children of the Sword
The Bloodclan - Download the album 'Amor Sanguinis' here
AntiSoc - Download the 2010 album 'FutureHop' here
8 Bit Gold - Download 8 tracks previewing the up & coming album release here
MC Cool Whip - Download the 'Waiting for Tech Support' album here
StarF - Download the 10 track album 'The Human Barcode' here
Krondor Krew - Download The 6th Rotation of the House of the Chaos Star
MC Lunchboxx - Download the 'Eye Toons EP' here
Drinkinstein - Download a selection of tracks by Hawaii's Nerdcore Femcee here
Doctor Awkward - Download a the latest 2010 album release "Unlimited" here

Billy the Fridge - Download "The Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show"

Shammers & Lefthand - Download "The Smix Tape" by this Hip Hop Comedy Duo

King Pheenix - Download the debut concept EP 'Hero vs Villain'